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Want to know more how the Trust has helped in 2017 - 2018? The information is taken from the Audited Accounts as at 28 February 2018. 


The last financial year saw a drop in both the number of individual archers helped and the total awarded to them - £7,171 was paid to 11 archers for equipment. However, this drop was only to be expected following the previous years huge support of the Paralympians leading to their success in Rio.


£22,320 was awarded to archery organisations. These included

  • ArcheryGB – the body responsible for archery at international level. The Trust has agreed to fund an annual package to help AGB train archers for Tokyo in 2020
  • British Wheelchair Archery Association. The Trust sponsors their Championship at Stoke Mandeville and provides other help
  • British Blind Sports (Archery). Again, the Trust sponsors events and coaching. VI archers are increasingly recognised as a vital part of disabled archery and the Trust is keen to support.
  • Deer Park. An archery club in Cheltenham which is home to both grass roots and elite archers, young and old and very well run for its many able bodied and disabled archers. The Trust has supported its annual Inclusion Shoot and its work in encouraging the disabled to take up archery.
  • Several smaller clubs who ask for help in improving their facilities such as artificial turf to aid wheelchair access.
  • Blind Veterans. The Trust agreed to fund the archery section of this organisation which helps ex servicemen and women injured in war to cope with life in the community.
  • This year we have also started a new relationship with the Archery section of Metro Blind Sports which provides mainly recreational archery for its VI members in the London area.
  • Royal Toxopholite Society/ The Trust sponsors two meetings each year for this long established club


The Trust also made sundry grants totalling £3,925 to non archery organisations.  These included Mudchute,, a haven for children in the Isle of Dogs whose funding from central and local government has disappeared; the City of London Symphony Orchestra – an “active participation” event provided by members of well known orchestras for children in areas who might not experience music like this; Blind in Business etc.

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