Fletchers’ Company’s 1st virtual quiz

On Friday 24 April, having been marshalled by the Clerk and tempted by the quizzing expertise of Liveryman Gordon Sharp as host and quizmaster, 11 Fletcher families linked by the Zoom platform logged in for what turned out to be an hour of chat and fun and, for some, a glass of wine. The mix of Liverymen, Freemen, friends and family totalled 19.

The 9 rounds included classics such as History, Geography and Food and Drink plus some sneaky questions about Livery Companies. Answers included Goldeneye, Dolly the sheep,Toto, a sheep's stomach, the Hairy Bikers and Mr Clyde Barrow so you can work back to some of the questions.

Eventually as one team clearly were having connection problems we finished on a picture round to name 5 famous Gordons (see the attached photos to see how you would have got on) and then the scoring which produced a winner but only after a recount !!  We only found out the next morning that the incommunicado team had claimed a resounding victory by 6 points.  Congratulations to Past Master Clare James and her family.

Gordon has offered to run another quiz – so watch this space.