The Ultimate challenge

The Warrior Companies, by their very names and nature, are always up for a difficult challenge. On Friday 26 March 2021 Gunmakers, Armourers and Brasiers, Bowyers and Fletchers faced each other in an on-line quiz. The event was organised by Adrian Mundin, Gunmakers' Clerk. Gordon Sharp, of the Fletchers Company, acted as quizmaster.

The first (fun?) round focused on the questions submitted by each company about their own trade. Everyone took part individually. Scoring was low, but all agreed it was educational!

After all, there can’t be many people around who know the minimum legal barrel length for a shotgun in the UK; what use a medieval knight might make of a destrier; what the different coloured feather of the three fletcher-arrow is known as; and where the last surviving Finsbury Mark (for archery practice in London) can be found.)*

The second (serious?) round posed 25 questions about the City, with each Company in a team in a breakout room.

The Bowyers and Fletchers emerged as joint winners, tied for first place on 18 points each. Maybe both companies were lucky that one of the City questions played to their strengths.

There is a statue of a supporting female figure holding a bow and carrying a quiver of arrows outside St Pauls' Cathedral. Who is the major figure in the group? Answer: Queen Anne.


*Answers: 24"; he rode it; cock feather; the staircase of the HAC’s Armoury House.


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