The Lord Mayor’s Service of Reflection and Hope at St Pauls on Tuesday 22nd June

The Deputy Master, Stuart Robbens (Master, 2020-21) writes: I was most grateful to our Master, Anne, for allowing me to deputise for her at The Lord Mayor’s Service of Reflection and Hope at St Pauls on Tuesday 22nd June.  I was pleased to take advantage of the hospitality offered by the learned Company of Apothecaries to robe at their Hall which gave me the opportunity to meet, albeit briefly, other Masters prior to making our way to St. Pauls.  I was also particularly pleased to have been able to take my place among the other Livery Masters and represent our ancient Company in the historic setting of St. Paul’s.  It was a thought provoking service and included an address from Dr Will Ricketts, Consultant Chest Physician at St Bart’s Hospital that clearly brought home the difficulties and circumstances that he and his team had coped with during the past year.  However, it brought to mind for me the strength of the Livery Movement and the many difficult and tragic times our Company will have endured during its 650 years of existence.  I am sure that we all look forward with enthusiasm to a managed COVID world.  It has all happened before and I have no doubt there will be future scares in the years to come but the longevity of our Company gives us the solid foundation for a bright and infinite future. 

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