HMS DEFENDER – “Our” ship in the news!

It will have been hard to miss this week news of the exploits of our affiliated ship, HMS DEFENDER, in the Black Sea.

The first item on the BBC 10 o’clock news on Wednesday evening (23 June) was all about DEFENDER being shadowed by the Russian Navy and buzzed by Russian jets during her passage to Georgia 12 miles off Crimea’s coast.  Whilst it was interesting to hear the differing accounts of the incident from both sides, our Fletcher hearts swelled with admiration with the way the CO and his ship’s company handled the events with cool-headed RN diplomacy and aplomb. 

The following night, the ship featured again in the BBC evening news with reports of her high-profile visit to Odessa.  During the visit she hosted a large number of dignitaries including the UK First Sea Lord.  Interestingly, from a Fletcher point of view, our portable bar “The Fletchers’ Arms” built by us and presented to the ship just before her deployment, fleetingly made it into shot in the BBC news report of the reception held on DEFENDER’s flight deck!

The Master on behalf of the Company sent a goodwill message to the ship. Commander Vince Owen tells us that 'all is well here after the excitement of the last few days. The Ship's company really stepped up when the pressure was on - I could not be more proud! The Fletchers arms has already had a couple of late nights under its belt in the first two months of deployment. I have no doubt it will continue to get a good work out'. Looking forward to seeing all the Fletchers in the New Year when we are back home again'.

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