Court lunch 6 July at the National Liberal Club

We were delighted to be able to hold our first in-person event for fifteen months - a court lunch on 6 July at the National Liberal Club, organised within the current event rules. Table of six encouraged lively conversation, as members and their guests caught up with all the news they had been storing up! Under the watchful gaze of David Lloyd George, in this iconic building of 1887, Duncan Garland (Master 2019-20) was able to be presented with his Past Master's Badge, and Stuart Robbens (Master 2020-21) with his Deputy Master's as well as his Past Master's Badge. The Upper Warden, Philip Shears QC, welcomed our guests, and the Master Professor Anne Curry reflected on what the Fletchers had been up to in 1887 (dining at Crystal Palace) and 1921 (a summer outing on the Thames). She led the toast to two new liverymen and three new court assistants. The Master Farmer, Richard Whitlock, gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the guests, calling to mind the link between the two companies through Farmers and Fletchers Hall.

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