Annual Camp of 13 Company SW London ACF

We were delighted to receive a report from Major Kaz Lorimer (O/C 13 Company SW London ACF RMR) on the Annual Camp of 13 Company, one of the WCF's military affiliates, and to hear that the cadets enjoyed activities such as abseiling and caving (ingeniously, using mobile units - even Covid can't stop the excitement!), laser tag and archery, as well as completing some of the more mandatory APC "Green" training.

Some of our NCOs  completed their Junior Cadet Instructors Cadre (JCIC) which means after completion they can support their detachment Commanders in the instructional side of detachment life.

The cadets also experienced 24 hours on a field training exercise and a day on the ranges shooting the cadet GP rifle.  See the gallery below for  photos.

While we were in the field we were lucky to host Colonel Chris Head from the First Fusiliers. It was also a delight to bump into Colonel Power of the Fusiliers (all the more so as he is a liveryman of the WCF) as he was inspecting RMR London.

With him in the photo was 13 Coy Staff officer Capt Nick Thomas, 13 Coy Training Sgt Major  SMI Alister Notridge and Acting Company Sgt Major SMI Brett Overington.

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