The Fletchers 650 Trophy

To commemorate the 650th anniversary of the Company a new trophy for the National Disability Championships was commissioned and donated by the present Master Professor Anne Curry, and awarded for the first time at the NDC held at Lilleshall on 11 September 2021.

The trophy was the amazing work of Marc Grady, master bowman. We were thrilled with Marc's highly original idea for six trophies in one reflecting the six different classes at the NDC. And his consummate craftsmanship has produced a very special object for our 650th year, which the prize winners on 11 September were intrigued and delighted by as much as we were.

As Marc writes, 'the bases are made of English Yew (Taxus Baccata) taken from the boughs of an ancient tree in Talgarth churchyard in Powys Wales. This tree was recorded as being 1000 years old when it was felled by storms in 2014 (Recent Storms wreak havoc on Ancient Yew Trees - FYI Talgarth Investigates ( It is not too unfanciful to think that when Geraldus Cambrensis  accompanied the Archbishop of CanterburyBaldwin of Forde, on a tour of Wales in 1188, that they may have preached under this tree.

The target bosses are made of Ipe and inlaid with silver ribbon. Ipe (Handroanthus) is a central and southern American bow wood known by the early Portuguese settlers who saw the native Indian using it for bows as “Pau d’arco” or Bow Tree.

The rear legs of the 6 tripod stands, show the modern bowyer’s skill for fine laminating and invisible glue lines. These were cut and shaped from a longbow stave of Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxi) and Satinwood (Zanthoxylum flavum).'

Our thanks to Marc for this splendid and highly original trophy full of historical allusions and references to archery worldwide.

In front of it you can also see the special leather book which fits in the trophy base and in which winners' names will be recorded, and also the mementos for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed archers in each class.

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