Fletchers go wild. Field archery at Noak Hill.

On 14 September thirteen Fletchers gathered for a day's archery at Noak Hill Archery Club. This is an annual event and we are always welcomed with excellent cakes as well as faced with targets which are both challenging but fun.

In the morning it seemed so easy, just aiming for standard archery bosses appropriate to our various levels of skills. But in the afternoon, we were in the wild, so to speak. Noak Hill is one of the few places with a field archery course where, between bushes and briars, we can try our hand at life size (polystyrene) animals. Around trees, from above, from below, with chances to increase scores by hitting both predator and prey.

A marvellous and unique experience for all. Congratulations to prize winners PM Lesley Agutter, PM David Goodall and Liveryman Tim Eltringham. And even the Master Anne Curry won a chocolate orange for hitting the first gold in the morning session (by sheer fluke as she had missed the target completely on most previous shots!).

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