Installation Dinner 2017

April 4th 2017 saw the Installation of our new Master, Clare James. 


The dinner that followed her taking up the chair at Court was excellent.  An Escalope of Cod, followed by a Slow Cooked Rump of West Country Lamb, with a chocolate medley for dessert. After the customary toasts, the Master and Wardens invited us all to take part in a “Loving Cup”. A series of cups were produced for each of the table sprigs and the cups passed round in the usual manner – there appeared to be a wager on which sprig would finish first!!

After coffee was served, the Upper Warden, Dr Watson, made a witty speech welcoming all our guests and Michael Cooper, the Principal Guest. He went on to outline Mr Cooper’s career and his connections with the City including the fact that he is a Past Master Parish Clerk. Michael responded on behalf of the guests mentioning his long friendship with Clare and congratulating her on her appointment as Master. He concluded by proposing the toast to The Worshipful Company of Fletchers and their Master.

The Beadle then asked for silence to hear the Master’s response. The Master started by repeating the welcome to all the guests, especially her family and thanked them for all their support. She also thanked everyone for electing her and providing help and in particular, Stuart Fraser the outgoing Master, to whom she presented his Past Master’s badge. Clare concluded by inviting every-one to join her and the Wardens upstairs for a stirrup cup. She sat down to great applause.

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