RAF Fletchers Tour

 On the 4th September 2023  - Fletchers, friends, and aviation aficionados gathered in Central London on a wonderfully clear-skied Monday afternoon, for a unique and enlightening experience. Organized by Fletchers John Chappell, Sue King, and special guest presenter presenter Bob Shaw the Royal Air Force Historical Monuments Tour offered an intimate journey through time, celebrating the legacy of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and its historic monuments across Westminster and beyond.

Commencing at the RAF memorial - a stone’s throw from Embankment – the guided tour took participants from Victoria Crosses to Viscounts in Whitehall Gardens, through Horse Guards and Pall Mall. Along the way our learned guides highlighted RAF titans Hugh Trenchard, Viscount Trenchard – and his miraculous recovery from paralysis on the Cresta Run and Sir Keith Park – whose leadership and strategic defence were widely considered critical to the Battle of Britain. With a brief stop on the mall at King George VI’s statue highlighting his pioneering service in the Royal Naval Air Service (subsequently the RAF), the tour concluded at the poignant Bomber Command memorial in Green Park, showcasing the hidden history of the recycled Halifax Aircraft used in construction.

As the sun began to set, our intrepid participants were treated to a warm welcome at the RAF Club by our host and fellow Fletcher Wing Commander John Chappell. The group was subsequently treated to a comprehensive tour showcasing the myriad of aviation paraphernalia, portraits, and incredible collection of Squadron Coats of Arms. The night finished with a delightful curry supper in the Hodges Room and very well-earned tipple in the wonderful Cowdray Lounge. This provided the perfect opportunity to share stories and bask in the camaraderie that comes naturally to members of the Fletchers community over a very well-earned curry and beer!

A wonderful day all round.


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