Past Clerks of the Fletchers

By the fifteenth century, most London companies employed professional clerks to keep their records. While at the end of the middle ages most merchants and substantial craftsmen would have been able to read or write (some degree of schooling was integral to a London apprenticeship), the clerks came from a world of professional administrators familiar with common practices of record keeping, and many of them, it has been suggested, were central also to the dissemination of early English literature, and of the traditions and customs that underpinned civic and company life. While the names of the Fletchers’ clerks are known only from the 18th century, there is no reason to doubt that they, like other companies, employed such professional administrators from an early date.

For more on the role of the early clerks more generally, see M.P. Davies, ‘ “Writying, making and engrocyng”: clerks, guilds and identity in late medieval London’, in Medieval Merchants and Money: Essays in Honour of James L. Bolton ed. Martin Allen and Matthew Davies (London, 2016), pp. 21-42.

Dates Clerk
2022-present Lt Col Deborah Taylor
2012-22 Kate Pink
2010-12 Georgina Butler
2002-10 Capt. Michael A. Johnson, RN
1994-2002 John R. Owen-Ward
1984-94 Jeremy R. Garnett
1971-84 Frank N. Steiner
1965-71 David J. Eldridge
1963-65 Jeffery N. Gallagher
1947-63 Lt.-Col. Richard John James Bale
1938-46 Percy Beaumont Shepheard
1937-38 Arthur Greeves (deputy clerk, locum tenens)
1906-37 Percy Beaumont Shepheard
1890-1906 Beaumont Shepheard
1870-90 Alfred James Shepheard
1853-70 Charles Shepheard
1828-53 John Finch
1800-27 John Delaval Hooper
1793-1800 Edward Theodore Hooper
1782-93 John Hooper
c1767-1782 James Roberts
c1719 Abraham Hemingway