The New Arms

The Fletchers armorial bearings had been approved by Clarenceux King of Arms as early as 1467 and a Crest granted in 1486, however it appeared that the Supporters appearing on the Arms in current use had never been approved by the College of Arms.  PM Dr Roger Watson spent many hours at the Guildhall Library searching the old minute books but could find no evidence that an application to the College to approve the Supporters had ever been made.  If the Arms including the Supporters were to feature on the Royal Charter, it was necessary that the Arms including the Supporters be approved by the College of Arms. 

The Court approved the suggestion that application was made to the College of Arms to regularise this position. At the same time, the College noted that the Supporters were not actually touching the shield which they must do. The Arms were redrawn under the guidance of the College of Arms and now appear correctly. 

The necessary fee having been paid, the College granted the use of the Supporters on 10th June 2020 and advised that wording to the following effect should appear on the Royal Charter:-  “That by Letters Patent under the hand and Seal of Clarenceux King of Arms bearing date the Twelfth day of October 1467 certain Arms were appointed given and granted to The Master and Wardens of the Mystery and Craft of Fletchers of the City of London That a Crest was granted to the said Company by Clarenceux King of Arms in the second year of the reign of King Henry VII That the said Arms and Crest were viewed ratified and approved by Sir Henry St George Richmond Herald in 1634 That the said Company is now known as The Worshipful Company of Fletchers That certain Supporters were granted unto the said Company under the hand and Seal of Garter King of Arms bearing date the Tenth day of June 2020”.

The College of Arms supplied the following description of the supporters;

Supporting with their elbows proper issuant from a Campana Urn Sable garnished and charged with four Roses three in chief one and two and one in the nombril point all with slips conjoined and leaved Or on the dexter a young Man proper crined Or vested with a Cotton Toga proper belted a Bag over the sinister hip pendent from the dexter shoulder holding in the dexter hand a Bow string outwards and in the sinister hand an Arrow point downwards all Or barbed and flighted Argent and on the sinister a naked Maiden proper crined and winding a Trumpet bendwise held in the dexter hand and holding in the sinister hand a like Trumpet palewise bell upwards all Or.”





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