Quarterage List 1519-21

This document is among the earliest surviving document in the Fletchers’ archives in the Guildhall Library, London, and is the quarterage list for 1519-21.  It is essentially a list of names and records of attendance (see the circles to the left in the image above).  Liverymen and freeman alike were obliged to attend each of the four meetings of the year; if they missed a meeting, they were fined 6d., half of which went to the company, and half to the City coffers.

The heading reads: This rolle made the day of the translacion of Seint Edward the king and confessour in the xj year of King Henry the viijth of all the names of the fremen bretherne of the crafte of Fletchers in London and than chosen wardeynes Christopher Pynkeney and William Smyth for two yeres than next ensuyng.


(full document reference CLC/L/FF/C/001/MS05977/001)