The MacLellan Cup

The annual Fletchers’ golf day has been held every summer since 1979.  The MacLellan Cup is awarded to the player with the best Stableford score, which works as follows.  Players receive the same number of strokes (free shots) as their handicap.  Their net score (after deducting the strokes) is then compared with par for each hole, and they score no points for any hole where they are more than 1 over par, 1 point for one over par, two points for par, 3 points for one under par etc.  If a player plays to handicap, the score will be 36 (2 points a hole).  The winning score is normally in the high thirties, but can be lower, particularly in bad weather.

The cup was presented to the Fletchers by Major General A P W Maclellan, Master 1997 – 1998.  The winners as recorded on the base are:

1997 Jeremy Garnett

1998 Frederick Neal

1999 Rainer Vogt

2000 Robert Upton

2001 Rainer Vogt

2002 Bryn Aldridge

2003 Bryn Aldridge

2004 Bryn Aldridge

2005 Michael Williams

2006 Nigel Hopkins

2007 Michael Williams

2008 Michael Williams

2009 Michael Williams

2010 Michael Williams

2011 Nigel Hopkins

2012 Angela Mortimer

2013 Jeremy Garnett

2014 Rainer Vogt

2015 Rainer Vogt

2016 Rob Cossey

2017 Gordon Sharp

2018 Ted Hoefling

2019 Gordon Sharp