Fletchers' Golf

The Fletchers Company has an active golf section with a membership currently standing at about 30 players of varying abilities. We are striving to increase that number and new livery members with some golfing background are encouraged to participate in the various activities. Both ladies and gentlemen are very welcome.

The two more important events during the year are the annual Company’s golf day and the competition for the Goblet. The Golf Day normally takes place in July at a venue in or close to London. The competition is for the MacLellan Cup donated by Past Master Pat MacLellan. The Goblet is played for during the summer months and is a match play tournament for which all golfers in the Company are invited to enter. The final is normally played by the end of October and the winner is presented with the cup at an end of season golf dinner. The Goblet was presented to the Company by Past Master Jeremy Garnett.
Depending on the previous year’s performance the Fletchers are able to participate in the Prince Arthur Cup at Walton Heath Golf Club which is an all day competition among 52 Livery Companies. Each Company consists of a team of 4 players and the cup is played for over 36 holes using both courses. It is reported to be the biggest organized amateur golf event in the country.
More recently we have been on a two day golf trip to Norfolk. Not only is the golf very enjoyable and sometimes challenging but it is also an occasion for getting to know each other and form new friendships. It is hoped to make this a regular feature of the Company’s golfing calendar.
Another important event is our annual match against the Founders Company. Each team normally consists of 6 players and competes for the F-OFF Kup. This stands for “Festival of Founders and Fletchers”. The origin of the “K” is unknown but may refer to L. Kemp, a past master of the Founders who donated the cup. This competition has been played every year since 1988 with only one exception.
From time to time the Company will send a team to other competitions such as charity events but this very much depends on availability. 
Please contact Mike Williams  to be added to the Golf mailing list or with enquiries.