Joining the Fletchers

Joining the Fletchers

The Worshipful Company of Fletchers was originally made up of arrow makers. Today it has no industrial link but is open to all who are committed to supporting the traditions of the city of London. The Company's membership is drawn from many walks of life. There is a strong family emphasis and the younger generation of Liverymen is encouraged to play its part.

The role of the Company, as with the Livery movement generally, continues to evolve to meet the challenges of modern day life. 


Above all, good fellowship lies at the heart of the Company.

Alongside this is dedication to charitable activity through The Fletchers Trust, especially the facilitation of disabled archery. The Fletchers are proud supporters of Team GB Paralympic Archers. We are also delighted to work with our military and educational affiliates to promote and encourage young people to achieve of their best, linked to our Company motto ‘True and Sure’.



In the past Apprenticeship was the main route to membership as a Liveryman. Nowadays it is commonly by Redemption (the payment of a joining fine), having been proposed by two members of the Company. Before entering the Company as a Liveryman you need to become a Freeman of the City of London. The Clerk of the Fletchers can offer guidance and support on how to do this.

If you are interested in membership but do not know any existing Liverymen who can support you, please write to the Clerk using the Contact Form on this website.

The Company also has Freemen, Freemen Archers, Honorary Freemen and Apprentices, some of whom are directly connected with arrow making and archery. If you are involved in these activities then do approach us to discuss membership appropriate to you.