Past Masters

The Worshipful Company of Fletchers is led by the Master aided by a Court of Assistants and the Clerk. The Master is elected for a year and presides at all our functions.

Please click on the links below for information on our Past Masters and their year as Master. 


Mr Duncan Garland (Bio), 2019-20

Dr Roger Watson (Bio), 2018-19

Clare James (Bio), 2017-18

Stuart Fraser (Bio), 2016-17

Adrian Scott Knight (Bio), 2015-16

Andrew McMillan (Bio), 2014-15 

Lesley Agutter (Bio), 2013-14

David Goodall (Bio) 2012-13

John Owen Ward (Bio) 2011-12


Bob Hall (Bio) 2010–11


Tony Poulter (Bio) 2009-10


Ian MacLellan (Bio) 2008-09


Peter Scott (Bio) 2007-08


Des Clerk (Bio) 2006-07


Sir David Wootton (Bio) 2005-06


Fred Neal (Bio) 2004-05


John Dumbrell (Bio) 2003-04


John Fenner (Bio) 2002-03