Past Master, Stuart John Fraser

Past Master Stuart John Fraser CBE, CC, was installed as Master Fletcher April 2016.


I left school at 17, not because I had a family to support but because I was bored at school. I started work being a bricklayer’s mate, carrying bricks to wherever I was working. I quickly decided, not the career for me.


I managed to wangle my way into a stockbrokers post room.  It was warm and the pay was good. That was 1963 and the City was little bit different then.


Time passes and suddenly I find myself as a Member of the London Stock Exchange and a Partner in my firm.


On the way I seemed to have picked up expertise in Fund Management, Foreign Exchange, managing teams and turning round unprofitable businesses.


In 1992 I started my parallel career, Common Councilman, by standing for and winning a by-election in the Coleman Street Ward.


Some time passed and I became Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee. I was known as the “Gherkin Chairman” for getting that through English Heritage and starting the race to build tall buildings. The “wobbly bridge” and “Paternoster” were other interesting challenges.


More time passed and I became Chairman of the Policy & Resources Committee just a few months prior to Lehman going bust.  It was an interesting term in office covering the financial crisis. This meant trips to New York, Washington, Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing as well as Brussels.


On one trip to New York I was accompanied by Boris, we were promoting a film (don't ask) and together closed the New York Stock Exchange by Boris ringing the Bell and me the gavel. So I had a lot of fun as well.


At home life was complicated having to deal with first Labour and then the Coalition governments at a time when they did not want to be associated with us!


Must not forget dealing with the happy campers around St Pauls and getting rid of them before the Olympics.


More time passed and I found myself in Buckingham Palace receiving a CBE from Her Majesty, for services to the City.


I should of course mention the Fletchers. I was introduced by John Owen-Ward in February 1999. Some time passed and here I am Master.


However the most important event over this whole period was meeting and marrying Laura. We celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary in April 2017.


Never got round to having children as we were too busy enjoying ourselves. Oops and then your 70! 

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