Past Master, Lesley Agutter

Past Master, Mrs Lesley Agutter was installed as Master Fletcher April 2013.

Lesley Agutter has the City in her blood with both her grandfather and her father having been involved in the City, the former working at Puddle Dock and the latter as a member of Common Council representing Castle Baynard Ward, and Sheriff 1978/79.   In 1968, she and Richard were married and Richard has spent his career with accountants KPMG, formerly Peat Marwick Mitchell & Company, based in the City and for a time at Puddle Dock on the same – redeveloped – site as Lesley’s grandfather’s company!   Richard also represented the Ward of Castle Baynard as Alderman for nine years and was Sheriff in 2000/01.  


Before marriage, Lesley trained as a secretary and worked for several years at the House of Commons as a Parliamentary secretary to a number of MPs, a career she enjoyed enormously.   Having remained at home whilst her three sons grew up, she decided when the proverbial nest became empty, to try and improve her knowledge of French.   This lead to a BA (Hons) degree from the Open University in French and History, the final year of which was completed during the Shrieval year!


Lesley became a Liveryman of the Fletchers in 2001, is the Honorary Almoner of the Company and, as Archery Co-ordinator, organises twice yearly shoots for enthusiastic archers in the Company.   She is also one of the Brethren of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks, her clerkship being St John Zachary, one of the ancient parishes now part of the modern parish of St Vedast-alias-Foster.   The church of St John Zachary was destroyed in the Great Fire but the churchyard is now part of the Goldsmiths’ Garden, opposite Goldsmiths’ Hall in Gresham Street.   This is a happy coincidence as Richard’s mother Company is the Goldsmiths and he will become Prime Warden of the Company in May.


Lesley and Richard’s family has now grown to include four wonderful grandchildren who, not surprisingly, are an absolute delight and joy.   Beyond the family, Lesley much enjoys church flower arranging and gardening, as well as travel and is delighted to have visited all seven continents, including sleeping one night on a glacier in Antarctica!


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