Past Master, David Goodall

Past Master Captain David Goodall Royal Navy was installed as Master Fletcher April 2012. 

Born and bred in Liverpool he joined the Royal Navy in September 1968 and following a career as an Executive Officer, he specialised in aviation and flew the Westland Sea King, Wasp, and Lynx helicopters, all in the Anti Submarine role.  His aviation career culminated with command of 814 Naval Air Squadron, equipped with nine Sea King Mark V helicopters, usually operating from HMS ILLUSTRIOUS.
Sea appointments included ships from minesweepers to aircraft carriers, but with much time in frigates and destroyers, including command of HMS ARROW (which led to him becoming a Liveryman), and as the commander of HMS INVINCIBLE.
He saw his family occasionally during shore appointments, which included time on the Directing Staff of the RN Staff Course at Greenwich, two appointments in the Ministry of Defence, and two NATO jobs, one of which was in Belgium providing strategic planning for both NATO Supreme Commanders.
He retired from the Navy in 2005 and since then has worked, part time, as the Registrar for the Worshipful Company of Farriers, running the Company examinations.
He lives in Somerset surrounded by a growing number of grandchildren.  His passion is skiing, and occasionally he finds time for narrow boating, and golf.