The Fletchers’ Disability Championship

2017 saw the start of the Trust’s new initiative in funding a platform for Archery GB to continue to train and select the athletes who will represent Great Britain at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. There is a close liaison between the Trust and AGB who represent both able bodied and disabled athletes nationally and internationally.

It was realised that there was no real national competition open to elite archers which would take place on  the basis as the Paralympic games. Hitherto the athletes trained at their base in Lilleshall from where selection was made to go to the World, European and Paralympic Games. Thus as part of the Target Tokyo programme – Trust Funded – The Fletcher’s Disability Championship was created and organised to take place at Lilleshall.

Lilleshall is an amazing place, vast grounds and with all the equipment necessary for a  national training base for archery; accommodation, practice/training ground, skilled coaching with computer assistance and medical facilities. The organisation is excellent.

For one weekend each year athletes – including Paras and Fletchers (who have their own team (!) descend on Lilleshall. The Championship has proved a great attraction for the athletes – 25% more attended in 2018 than at the inaugural 2017 meeting, and the Championship now has World Record Status whereby archers can gain scores to be used in selection for international competitions. This years winner(s) was Ken Hargreaves ably abetted by Fred the Dog both of whom received their prizes at a Fletcher’s lunch in Cloth Street.

The competition is now open to non classified disabled archers both novice and experienced to make the event more inclusive.

Following the main competition there followed a “friendly” (but keen) match between the Fletchers and Paras/elite archers where there were no disqualifications this year for “being too good!”


Fletcher David Goodall totting up the score V Paras!