Bow Update

"Finally got my bow Friday and love it - thank you so much for your help.

I shot it today for 90 arrows to start getting used to it. The difference is amazing. On my Rave the arrows flew in an arc, were easy to see and this meant my sight was halfway down bar at 20y. Today I tried 30m and sight was at top with arrows flying so fast and straight my sighter couldn’t spot them.

Think biggest difference is I am not in pain. The recoil of the Rave on my joints meant that my shoulders and elbows would immediately hurt on release - at times the jar took my breath away. In last several months I have lost so much shooting time due to neck and shoulder problems it has been prohibitive. That is not there in this bow. It is so smooth neither shoulder suffers and I shot all the arrows at same poundage as previously without a single pain. Looking forward to finally building up some stamina and am really looking forward to working on technique in my garage tomorrow."

Amanda Davidson