Visually Impaired National Indoor Archery Championships 2019

British Blind Sports ( BBS ) held their annual Visually Impaired National Indoor Archery Championships on 20 April 2019 in Lilleshall and I was privileged to act as Lord Patron for the Event. It is probably the 18th Year I have attended and on each occasion have come to know the archers better. The event would not happen without the Trust`s sponsorship and expressions of gratitude are made every time. This year was special for two reasons. Firstly there were present all five VI archers and their supporters who are attending the World Para Archery Championships in den Bosch in Holland in June. The BBC are televising the whole event. Secondly, I was able to congratulate Steve Prowse who has been for the last 18 years, European and World VI Champion and who was awarded a Bronze Plaquette at the GNAS AGM held earlier in the month for his contribution to VI archery.

Chris Brown, Chairman, Fletcher`s Trust

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