Jamie Harris

The Fletchers' Trust supported Jamie with a grant in 2019 and were very pleased to receive this letter from Jamie and hear the benefits the new equipment has brought to him and his archery.


"Dear worshipful company of Fletchers,


Not long ago you approved a grant for me to buy a new competition bow, this was to forward my progress towards my dream of competing and winning at the Paralympic games. For this I'd like to show my appreciation as the new equipment has allowed me to improve my shooting rapidly in areas I have been struggling with.

I am now using the bow as my main equipment in both training and competition. The bow is an orange Hoyt Prevail with white long and sided rods. The bows poundage is currently at 52 pounds a 3.5 pound increase on my previous maximum. The increase has helped me a lot with shooting through wind and rain as the arrows reach the target much quicker. The  new long rod and side rod have allowed me to experiment with weights to the point I'm confident I now have the most stable set up I have ever used. (Even if it's a bit heavy). There are many other benefits to new bow, some that have had immediate effect and others that will help me improve in the long run.

in the two short months I've been using the bow I have competed at both the para world's in Netherlands and the 2nd leg of the European cup in Czech Republic. Both events were a moderate success, I qualified and finished middle of the pack in the world's and in the Czech Republic I was in the compound open team bronze match. I'm looking forward to even greater success as I become more comfortable with my new bow. The future is looking bright and I have the generosity of the Worshipful Company of Fletchers to thank for that.


Jamie Harris"