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Want to know more how the Trust has helped in 2018 - 2019? 


The Fletchers` Trust supports a number of causes falling within the scope of its Trust Deed. Disabled archery is one of the main beneficiaries of the Trust with grants awarded to both individuals and organisations.   Last year 11 individual disabled archers received some 10.90% of total grants for purchasing new equipment as advised by their coach.

Awards to archery organisations include considerable support for Archery GB, the body responsible for archery within the UK and Team GB; the Trust provided much help to train the victorious Paralympic team for Rio and a new package is in place to help with the coaching, equipment and costs for Tokyo in 2020. As part of this programme the Trust sponsors the Fletcher’s Disability Championship which now counts as a World Record Status competition. Support is also given for encouraging disabled people to take up archery – it is a great “leveller”.  Other organisations benefiting from the Trust’s support include clubs needing help to provide better disabled access, sponsoring competitions etc. These include Blind Veterans Archery, Deer Park Archers, the British Wheelchair Archery Association and British Blind Sports (Archery). Approx, 72.24% of last year’s funds was spent on this section

Support is also given to our affiliate schools all branches of the armed services through our affiliated units, particularly to our affiliated cadet sections. Help is also given to Blind in Business, the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and other City Charities; including Mudchute, a charity on the Isle of Dogs providing a safe haven for children and where funds are provided to employ apprentices from the nearby estates. Non archery grants are some 16.86% of the total.

The total grants provided in our last financial year was £50,917 - up from about £6,000 some 15 years ago; these grants stem directly from Liverymen whose generosity is so much appreciated.



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