Amanda Davidson

I hope all of you are keeping well at this very difficult time. Have to admit this is not the email update I was expecting to write one year after getting my bow. It has been a fabulous time since the Fletchers awarded me a grant sufficient to get my first proper compound bow. I went from really struggling to becoming a challenge in competitions. Silver in the National disability championships, two UK Para records for my classification and a handful of other awards alongside massive increases in PBs. Like everyone in the archery community I was really looking forward to the outdoor season - a chance to see what I could now do. 

It wasn’t to be as lockdown came just as the outdoor season did. Not deterred I decided to concentrate on my form and set up a (safe and fully insured) range in my garden. I would really love to use this to practice a lot more than I am, but I am am a Serous Incident Investigator for the ambulance service. My role is to try to help maintain patient and staff safety across five counties in this difficult time. 

I have also decided to return to the Control Room To help out as I am a qualified 999 Call Taker and Dispatcher. This means Jupiter and I will be coming out of isolation to do this but I can’t stay at home whilst my colleagues struggle. My family fully supports this and we know the risks, don’t know what the next part will bring but I hope to be able to be proud that I have done my bit that willl hopefully help us all get back on the field again one day. 

Anyway good luck in all of this and stay safe. 





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