Rio 2016

The Fletchers Trust supported 11 Paralympic archers!  See the competitors list prepared by our Honorary Almoner.

Michael Peart, the Chief Paralympic Coach sent these messages from Rio. The campaign to which he refers is, of course, the Rio Dream;

"We had another great day yesterday, John Walker won gold in the W1 individual event!!

I don't think the Fletchers have supported him as an individual BUT it was a recruitment campaign in 2013 that found John and it was the Fletchers that supported that campaign. So please know that this medal is also a direct result of your support, Thank you!!

Please pass on my gratitude to all the Fletchers."


One of those who was selected to shoot at Rio was John Cavanagh, an established Paralympian and who has won medals at several Games. John is also an Honorary Freeman of the Company, who has helped coach disabled children at schools the Trust helped set up and was part of the Fletchers’ float at the Lord Mayor's Show.

Just before the team flew out, the Charity Committee received a request from John who had been injured. On advice, John wanted a device fitted to his wheelchair to help alleviate the pain and the Committee agreed to pay part of this cost. John sent us a thank you note plus photo of the fitting.

"A huge thank you for helping me out with the purchase of this Smartdrive. It may not look very exciting but underneath it is in fact pretty sophisticated, using a Bluetooth connection to a wristband that detects how much effort you want the drive to produce in a very natural manner."

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