Paralympian Reception

The Fletchers Company proudly hosted a reception at Farmers and Fletchers' Hall on 25 November to congratulate the GB Paralympian Archers on their achievements at the Tokyo Games. Liverymen and Freemen were encouraged to bring guests, who might be interested in becoming Fletchers, to meet the Paralympians and learn more about the activities and charitable work of the livery.

The Master welcomed the guests, toasted the Paralympic Archers and outlined some of the activities of the Company. Hilda Gibson described the invaluable and much appreciated support that the Fletchers Trust gives to disabled archers at all levels in the form of training, equipment and encouragement. Hannes Kleineke gave us an hilarious account of arrow making, which must have been thriving long before the first documented record of the Fletchers Company in 1371. Arrows must have been a necessity for hunting long before gold rings came into fashion. 

The Paralympians told us of the iron discipline followed in Tokyo to monitor and acclimatise them, the best prepared team at the Games. Their next international challenge will be the World Championships in Dubai in February 2022.  Good luck.