Achievements and performance 2021

Want to know more how the Trust has helped in 2020 - 2021? 


The Trust made donations totaling £22,245 to individuals and support bodies, mostly in supporting archery for the disabled.  Grants were also made to support education and military affiliations.

In a year when there was little in the way of archery held events, the Trust has been able to help Deer Park Archers in extending their premises.  Non archery bodies, such as Mudchute, which provides a safe haven for children on the Isle of Dogs in the time of disappearing support, were again supported as well as the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

The Trust is the only Charity within Great Britain which supports disabled archery and the evidence of appreciation throughout, continues to be heartwarming.

Many of those archers who have been helped have gone on to win medals at national competitions, international and Paralympic events, providing a powerful motivational force for those trying to overcome or cope with disabilities which prevent them from enjoying more mainstream sports.  Access to funding in this field is limited and the Trust is filling a gap which might not otherwise be the case.