Lindsay Howard

The Fletchers' Trust was pleased to be able to provide Lindsay with a grant towards a new bow and were delighted to hear from her and her continued passion for the sport.


"Dear [Fletchers],

I hope this finds you well in such challenging times.  

I wanted to thank the Worshipful Company of Fletchers so much for the grant towards a new bow after my original one broke at the start of 2020.  Your generosity enabled me to buy my Matthews TRX 36” compound bow which is a world away from my first bow which broke. It suits me perfectly, is a joy to shoot and will last me for many years to come.  2021 was my second tournament season. My training during lockdown paid off and with the help of my new bow I set all new personal bests and even set a few U.K. para records too.  I achieved Master Bowman status, won the Civil Service National outdoor tournament and a highlight was seeing many of you at the Disability Championships where I won first place and could thank you many of you in person.  

Shooting is my passion, it is not only time where I am working on something for myself and achieving something just for me but it also inspires my young son.  He sees me working towards improving at something I love and not just as his mum who uses a wheelchair,  this means a lot to me.  When I can’t shoot it has a significant impact on my mental health.  The grant made it possible for me to continue shooting and most importantly I now have a bow I can trust.    Thank you.  

Kind regards,

Linds Howard

Thirsk Bowman

North Yorkshire."