Update from Jamie Wallace on his grant for his new Bow

Jamie writes
"I’m writing to say a huge thank you for helping me with the purchase of my Mathews TRX 38 G2 compound bow and set of Easton ProComp arrows. It’s been a few months now and I’m seeing huge benefits as well as really enjoying shooting them.
I researched and tried several bows before settling on the TRX. A smooth draw cycle and shot are paramount for me shooting with one arm and the Mathews won out in those departments. I have always shot Easton arrows and the ProComps are up there with the best they have to offer. 
As well as being a smooth draw I have found that the bow is much more stable to hold, likely because the riser is 6 inches longer than my previous bow. I can also handle more draw weight as it is easier to draw and get very nice shot feedback as there is no vibration whatsoever. 
Overall the biggest benefit is having top end equipment that is tuned and performing very well as it leaves me room to focus on myself and what I am doing.
So far my best achievement with the new equipment is shooting a national record for the WA900 round with a score of 829. I was happy with the score but more-so about how I shot throughout the round. With my equipment performing flawlessly I was able to shoot the round intelligently and course correct myself when I was noticing differences in arrow groupings as the round progressed.
It also goes without saying that I really enjoy shooting my bow and arrows, the noise that the bow makes is sublime!
I’m working hard to improve and have at least 2 more competitions coming up this outdoor season. I’ll send you another update towards the end of the season to let you know how I am getting on."
Many thanks again.