Terry Piper VI Open Category Gold Medal winner IBSA World Games 2023

Following on from the IBSA World Games, the Company and the Trustees were delighted to receive a letter from the VI Open Category Gold Medal winner, Terry Piper, one of the athletes who the Trust has supported. The letter is reproduced below, with Terry’s permission:

Dear Andrew

As a visually impaired wheelchair archer with several years’ experience, I recognised the potential advantages of receiving specialised coaching tailored to my specific needs. My intention was to concentrate on refining my technique, particularly since it had evolved over time due to the progression of my disabilities.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in a few coaching weekends organised by the British Wheelchair Archery Association and the British Blind Sports Archery Section. During one of these events, I had the pleasure of mee????ng several committee members affiliated with the Worshipful Company of Fletchers. They observed the condition of my equipment, which showed signs of wear and tear. In light of this, they kindly recommended that I explore the possibility of applying for a grant offered by the Fletchers to support my future equipment needs.

I must confess that I initially didn't act upon the advice to secure the equipment grant. It wasn't until I attended another British Blind Sports Archery event at Stoke Mandeville that a member of the Fletchers followed up with me, prompting me to finally submit my application for the grant.

Anticipating a cumbersome and intricate grant application process, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the form was quite straight forward too complete. To my astonishment, the process turned out to be uncomplicated and relatively hassle-free. Merely a few days after submitting my grant application for processing, I received a prompt response from the Fletchers, notifying me that the grant had been approved. I was advised to coordinate with Clickers Archery, the company that had initially supplied the equipment quote, to proceed further.

I must confess, I felt a surge of excitement and had a hard ????me comprehending that such an exceptional organisation as the Fletchers was indeed willing to financially support my acquisition of the new archery equipment.

Within a week, Clickers Archery promptly delivered to me a new bow, limbs, a sight, and various bow accessories. While I was eager to receive this equipment, the onset of the Covid pandemic had begun, and like countless others, I found myself unable to engage in archery at my local club (The Bowmen of the Deans), for many months. Thankfully, I have a modest 20-meter range at my home, allowing me to utilise my time to meticulously set up and tune the equipment and grow accustomed to its features.

As the Covid pandemic gradually subsided, I embarked on training for events like the annual Inclusion Shoot hosted by the Deer Park Archers and the National Disability Championship held at Lilleshall. With my new bow, I had the privilege of securing several medals in recent years, a testament to the unwavering trust and support extended by the Worshipful Company of Fletchers. This year, I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the International Blind Sports Federation World Games held in Birmingham, winning gold in the Visually Impaired Open category.

There is no doubt that the generous financial support from the Worshipful Company of Fletchers played a crucial role in enabling me to enhance my archery skills using the new equipment.

In conclusion, I am deeply grateful for the invaluable support rendered not only to me but also to fellow disabled archers by organisations like the Fletchers. I extend my gratitude to various charities and companies that champion diversity and inclusive sports, particularly within the realm of archery. Your support is genuinely cherished and very much appreciated.