Update from Lindsay Howard on grant

Lindsay writes 

"I wanted to thank you for rescuing me last year.  In January 2023 you kindly contributed at very short notice towards a bow for me when I was on the brink of having to stop altogether.  In June 2021 I had a car accident which damaged my neck.  Unfortunately since the accident it was very painful to draw and aim the TRX 36 you helped me purchased at the start of 2020. I had persevered since the accident but at the pilot para National Talent Development Programme at Lilleshall in November 2022 the coaches agreed a change of bow was the only possible way forward.  I traded my old bow in, used my savings and with the help of your contribution I was able to buy what was needed to continue.  Over the year i’ve gradually also changed the arrows, arrow rest and stabilisers too so it’s a whole new set up and I love it.  The new bow is fully adjustable so I can now do all my own maintenance too which is wonderful.  
2023 has been a good year.  10 golds and several medal placements.  I’m shooting Grand Master Bowmen scores now and very proud to take first at both the Disability day at the Royal Tox and also double gold at the Disability Championships which you sponsor.   I set two new U.K. Para records for 1440 and double 1440 rounds too.  The highlight of my year is being selected for Archery Great Britain para academy.  Fantastic coaches and fellow archers.  I’m very excited to see what the next season brings and i’m so grateful to be able to continue the sport I love without the neck pain now. Thank you."