Update from Piangfan Naksukpaiboon on her Grant

Update from Piangfan Naksukpaiboon 



The Trustees have been delighted to receive an update on progress from Piangfan, showing how she has continued to develop and excel following receipt of a grant in June 2023 for a new Recurve Bow and Arrows:


“I have a few updates regarding my progress. In this indoor season, I have received two bronze medals from Deer Park Archers WA18 and Stourbridge Company of Archers WA25. I have received my first WA target award (white for 507/600 at WA18) and Red Welsh Archery Association badge for my new Portsmouth score at Deer Park Archers 555/600.

I will be attending many competitions around the country including the Scottish National Disability Championships in March, and National tour stages traveling by train. This will be happening right after I submit my doctoral thesis for my Ph.D. in Medicine at Queen's University Belfast at the end of February. 

Additionally, I have some news regarding being selected by Dimensions, a UK charity that works with people with autism and learning disability. I have been notified that I am one of the finalists for the Autism and Learning Disability Leaders List in the sports category.

I will be attending the ceremony at the O2 arena in London in April. It is a great honor to be selected. Here is the video that was submitted as part of the selection: Here

Furthermore, I have recently given an interview with Spautism, an autism and sports charity about my experience as an autistic archer: Here

Please pass my thanks to all the trust members and my apologies for not being very social at Deer Park.  I hope that when I successfully defended my doctoral thesis, I will be able to focus more on my archery journey.

Thank you once again


The Trustees send their best wishes to Piangfan and congratulations on her performances and her external work with charities raising the profile of Autism and sport.