The Fletchers' Trust

The Worshipful Company of Fletchers has an impressive track record in charitable giving, especially in providing financial support to all levels of the disabled archery community.

 Our charity is The Fletchers' Trust, which is strongly supported by our membership.  Its main focus is supporting archers with disability, physical and mental, including those who are visually impaired. We award grants to newcomers to archery as well as to experienced and elite national archers. Our support includes helping clubs improve their facilities for the disabled and contributing to the costs of a number of competitions. We receive many wonderful letters of thanks from recipients testifying to the positive, sometimes transformational, psychological and physical benefits of taking up archery. You can read some of these stories on this website.

 Anyone wishing to apply to the Trust for assistance should contact our Honorary Almoner by downloading, completing and sending in a grant application form.

We are proud to have been able to assist members of the GB Paralympic archers in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and most recently at the delayed Tokyo 2020 games. We are now launching an appeal to raise special additional funding for to support the GB Paralympic archers in their bid to achieve continued success in the Paris 2024 games and beyond. If you feel you can support us in this endeavour please contact us.

 What does The Fletchers' Trust do? 

  • We help individuals to purchase equipment – bows, arrows etc – as recommended by their coach. 
  • We make grants for new club facilities and equipment.
  • We help with the costs of running events. In recent years we have been delighted to sponsor the annual Fletchers' Disability Championship at Lilleshall and the annual tournament for disabled archers at the Royal Toxophilite Ground. In addition, we support The British Wheelchair Archery Association’s Summer Championship at Stoke Mandeville; The British Blind (Archery) Society’s Winter tournament and training sessions at Lilleshall or Stoke Mandeville; The Blind Veterans Archery Section and the Deer Park Archers Inclusion Shoot
  • We work closely with Archery Great Britain, which organises archery nationally and internationally, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We also support various initiatives by AGB – school support and UK inclusion programmes etc which are aimed at more grassroots archers. 

 Our support for Team GB Paralympic Archers

The support given to the Team GB Paralympic archery squad contributed to their record medal tally at the Rio 2016 games. For the Tokyo games, the Fletchers' Trust once again provided  funds to help in the training and support for the Paralympic Archers over their four-year selection programme, as well as specialised classification help and provision of tournament equipment.  As part of the national programme we sponsor the annual Fletchers' Disability Championship, a highly inclusive event.  We are currently fundraising for Paris and Beyond, to support the Team GB Paralympic archers into the future.

 Other charitable activity

Apart from archery, the Trust also supports City and pan-livery charities such as the annual Lord Mayor’s Appeal, the Sheriffs’ and Recorders’ Fund, London Legal Giving Week and, recently, the No Going Back initiative - which aims to achieve lasting rehabilitation of offenders.  The Trust also supports an apprentice scheme at Mudchute – a children’s sanctuary in the Isle of Dogs, as well as donating grants to various City of London schools including The Guildhall School of Music.  During the Covid crisis, the Trust is proud to have broadened its support to include: The Cavell Nurses Trust, Spitalfields City Farm, Pembroke House Food Bank, the Livery Kitchens Initiative and Clapham Boys Club,

We also support our various military affiliations and cadet forces with annual awards of a silver arrow to outstanding individuals nominated by the CO. 

A great effort by Gravesend Archers has resulted in a tremendous £1,000 donation to the Fletchers’ Trust. The photo shows…
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