Past Master, Frederick A Neal CMG

Past Master Frederick A Neal CMG was installed as Master Fletcher on the 29th April 2004.


Studied Russian at Cambridge during National Service, followed by German and French at London University. Entered Home Civil Service in 1953.   Spent almost 22 years on overseas diplomatic postings.  These included a six-year spell at the Embassy in Bonn, some five years at the High Commission in Ottawa as Counsellor (Economic and Commercial), and nearly ten years in Montreal, as UK Permanent Representative on the Governing Council of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). At ICAO was closely involved, inter alia, with the development of aviation security procedures and also, post Lockerbie, a new International Treaty to make plastic explosives detectable: an important weapon now in the fight against terrorism.


Home civil service appointments included being a member of the team negotiating UK entry into the Common Market.  At various times was involved with sales of defence equipment, the aircraft manufacturing industry and other industrial sectors with international ramifications.  Later became a senior member of the then Department of Trade's International Trade Policy Division.


Voluntary activities: Trustee and Director of the Hadley Wood Association, an educational and environmental charity in North London.  Other charity work in Canada and the UK largely confined to providing 'muscle' as needed by wife, Gloria, in her activities with the RNLI, International Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, etc., etc.


Member of Hadley Wood and South Herts Golf Clubs.  Other interests include the arts, bridge, local affairs and travel.


Was appointed CMG for services to aviation in 1989.



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