London and the Peasants' Revolt - WCF fundraising talk on 15 June 2021

The Fletchers celebrate their 650th anniversary in 2021. It gave us great pleasure, then, to offer on 15 June 2021 a webinar on an event which occurred 640 years ago on that very day - the meeting of Wat Tyler and other rebels with the King at Smithfield (close to the location of Farmers and Fletchers Hall). We were delighted too that the Sheriff Michael Mainelli had agreed to introduce the webinar, which was a fundraising event for the Fletchers Trust and for the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund, and attended by over 200 people worldwide.

The Master Fletcher, Anne Curry, is involved with colleagues from the Universities of Reading, Oxford, Glasgow and Southampton in a new historical research project on The People of 1381. London features so prominently in the revolt of that year since rebel groups from Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire rushed to the capital to put their petitions to the king. The webinar took us through each day from 12th to 15th June, mapping where incidents occurred in London and Westminster, and telling us of Londoners involved. So far no Fletchers have been found amongst them, save for men with that surname!

To watch the webinar here is the You Tube link:

Watch this space for updates on the fundraising (which so far has raised £1300).

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