The Election of the Sheriffs 2021

The Master Fletcher, Anne Curry, was delighted to attend Common Hall at the Guildhall on 24 June (Midsummer Day) for the election of the sheriffs 'for the year ensuing'. For the  Liveries it is one of the main annual opportunities to get together, even if on this occasion only masters and masters-elect could be invited as seats needed to be spaced out and tables limited to six. But we were delighted to congratulate on behalf of our companies the newly elected sheriffs, Alison Gowman (Glover) and Nicholas Lyons (Merchant Taylor). Covid restrictions placed some restrictions but did not detract from the ceremonial - the entry of the Lord Mayor, the proclamations, and the votes of thanks of the new sheriffs. Other 'historic' officials are elected at this event, such as the Bridge wardens, and it was good to be able to vote for our own Liveryman John Averns as one of the City's aleconners. The words 'Citizen and Fletcher of London' have a certain resonance to them, especially when read out in the marvellous space of the Guildhall (pictured here in preparation for the Agincourt 600 banquet in 2015).

A video of the ceremony of election can be found on the website of the Livery Committee. (Recent news section).

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