Past Master, Andrew McMillan

Past Master Andrew McMillan was installed as Master Fletcher April 2014.

Andrew McMillan became a Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Fletchers in 2000 and a Court Assistant in 2007.  He has served on a number of committees including several years as Chairman of the Finance Committee.


Andrew started his career in banking in what seems like a different age in the days of Competition and Credit Control and Exchange Control regulations.  He was grounded in UK domestic banking before switching to international banking (which included visiting many countries and being based in Chile for 2 years) where he built his interest in working with multinational corporations.  His career then focussed on insurance companies where he built and led a team through a fascinating period of growth and technical focus on the sector.  He retired in 2009.  After early success in his banking exams, Andrew also passed the examinations of the then infant Association of Corporate Treasurers, was elected a Fellow and served on its Council and as Chairman of its Publications Committee.


Sadly Andrew’s wife, Caroline, died of Leukaemia in 2009 but their two sons still thrive and are a great joy.  James was a student (arguably of rowing) in Oxford for 4 years for an MChem and then in Cambridge for a one year MPhil before settling down to study for his accountancy qualifications in London.  Charles (also a rower) has completed his fifth and final year in Oxford completing an MMath and an MSc and has now joined a US investment bank in London.


Andrew’s first foray into the civic City was through what is now called The Guild of Mercers’ Scholars.  For several years he was Apprentice Warden before becoming Guild Master in 2009.  He is still active in the Guild and a strong supporter of the Guild’s work with the many young apprentices from the Mercers’ Company cluster of schools who are trying to find their way in the City.


In recent years Andrew has become a Governor of Prince’s Mead School in Winchester and the City of London Freemen’s School in Ashtead.  He continues to travel widely filling in the gaps in his knowledge of South America, finding new places to explore and regularly returning to Norway for cross country skiing trips.  Andrew also spends as much time as possible exploring the British countryside and managing a small part of it where he grows trees.

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